Thursday, 21 February 2013

Haul - New Look, Primark & Rimmel

Yesterday was a looong day so i left work a bit earlier than normal, BIG mistake... i ended up de-stressing in Primark, New Look & Superdrug.... whoopsie! 
I am chuffed with what i got though, so its all gooooood :)
Heres what i picked up!

First i went to primark on a shoe hunt... i shuffle my feet and burn holes in my heels, a pair of shoes never lasts me longer than a couple of months whether they are £6 or £60, so i live in primarni flats at work... but the store near me has shoes on the top floor, and PJ's on the middle floor... so naturally i never made it up to the top floor and left with some pretty jammies instead of shoes, oops!

 I really liked these stripy floral cuffed bottoms. They have a cute lacy drawstring tie which finishes them off lovely. 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Glossy Box - February 2013

Soooo i only just got my February Glossy Box (well a couple of days ago) and i had already been reading and watching what others had got in their boxes, i tried not to look at any blog posts or youtube videos so it was a surprise, but i just couldn't do it!! 
And then the excitement started to disappear pretty quickly once i heard how many people didnt like there boxes... 
and then mine arrived... 
and i LOVE it!! 
I was really pleasantly surprised and chuffed with everything in it to be honest. Also lots of full sizes! So here is my Valentine Themed Glossy Box, and the goodies it bought :)

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

WIN! - £75 at marc b and £175 at ASOS!

Sooo e-tailPR are holding a competition to win £75 to spend at marc b and £175 to spend at ASOS!! 

To be in with a chance you have to create an outfit collage based around one of marc b's new season bags!

If you want to take part, check out the full rules here on e-tailPR's blog :)

The bag i have chosen to base my collage around is the gorgeous Nancy Tan, i really love this bag, its elegant and girly and also really versatile.

I eventually decided to go with a day look, rather than evening, as i personally tend not to get really really glammed up. When i do go, its usually straight from work, so i have to jazz up an everyday outfit to take me through an evening out. 
SO, i have put this with some fab ASOS Humbug leather heeled sandals so that (with a bit of extra lippy & shimmery gold eyeshadow) this look could be glammed up and carry you into the evening for a meal or drinks ect.

I went with these ASOS high waisted super skinny jeans in baby blue and this ASOS floral smock top which i LOVE. It would look amazing in the day, loose over jeans with hair up in a messy bun... and then tucked into the high waistband, with hair pulled down & this ASOS-Hammered collar gold necklace on for going into the evening.

This is really pretty, and really flattering, and certainly an outfit id love to wear :)

Hope you like my collage! And if your wanting to take part make sure you do so before Feb 22nd :) good luck!!

Toodles x

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Miss Match - Mood Sensitive Colour Change Nail Polish

Apologies for all the Nail Polish reviews, but i needed some new ones to replace all the old gloopy unusable ones that ive had to throw away, and ive just been so excited to try them all out!!

Ive been wondering whether to get one of the Barry M colour change Nail Polishes, where you paint your nails and then you paint patterns with a special topcoat and the topcoat changes the colour of the Polish. 
But they reminded me of those felt pens you used to have as a child where you scribble on your drawing with the special end and the ink changes colour... weird colours and always tacky looking. 
Not that the Barry M Nail Polish cant look good, but i can imagine my unsteady hands making a tacky looking mess.

However the idea of colour changing polish stuck in my head so i went for a nebby on the internet and found these FAB polishes on ebay!!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Technic - Glitter Polish

Ive got another budget but pretty nail polish that i wanted to share, because its fab!
Its a bluey/greeny Glitter nail polish by Technic and i paid... 99p!! From Body Care!! 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

MUA - Fairy Dust Nails - Rose Dust

So yesterday i went into town to pick up a few bits and i had a little nebby around Superdrug for a new nail polish!
I wanted something really girly, but not to bold and bright.

So i picked up this one...
MUA Fairy Dust Nails - Rose Dust - £2.00
And i LOVE it!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Olivia!


Today my little teeny baby niece had her 2nd birthday!!

It has gone waaay to fast, i cant believe how grown up shes getting! It feels like only yesterday my mum rang me from the hospital and i heard her tiny little cry down the phone.
She had a pretty traumatic entry into this world, it was very very scary.
Basically long story short, after nearly two days in labour, and an unimaginable amount of contractions and pain, the midwives finally broke my sisters waters to bring it all on faster... only to find that there was blood. 
They quickly hooked her up to a machine to monitor the baby, and realised that with every contraction she was having (which at this point they were very close together) her babys heart stopped. 

Monday, 4 February 2013

Arty Farty Time


Soooooo, ive got a week off work! Woop! And ive decided im going to dedicate as much of this time as possible, to getting back my creative streak

The last few weeks i have been feeling like i have broken myself, and all my arty juices have dried up. Ive struggled to find any sort of inspiration and any attempts at anything creative have failed... massively!

Then a few days ago i found myself in a very uncomfortable situation... one of those where someone from your past comes crashing into your present, opens that little box of bad things you've had locked away & knocks you off your feet! 
Art has always been a really good way of de-stressing for me, i find it so calming and relaxing, so naturally i tried launching myself head first into a box of paints & pencils...

...and it may not all be bad!
Ive been really enjoying it again, and ideas keep popping into my head, not overly happy sunshiney ideas, but at least its something! And its been interesting to do something that isnt pretty flowers or butterflies. But hopefully i can use this week to get back into the swing of things, find arty me again and produce something amazing before i get back into the 9 - 5 routine on Monday! 

Anywhoo i thought id just show you the couple of things ive been messing with the last couple of days :) Sorry about camera quality, im currently using my iPhone and its late  so it doesnt get on with the rubbish lighting in my flat!

Toodles x