Saturday, 9 February 2013

Miss Match - Mood Sensitive Colour Change Nail Polish

Apologies for all the Nail Polish reviews, but i needed some new ones to replace all the old gloopy unusable ones that ive had to throw away, and ive just been so excited to try them all out!!

Ive been wondering whether to get one of the Barry M colour change Nail Polishes, where you paint your nails and then you paint patterns with a special topcoat and the topcoat changes the colour of the Polish. 
But they reminded me of those felt pens you used to have as a child where you scribble on your drawing with the special end and the ink changes colour... weird colours and always tacky looking. 
Not that the Barry M Nail Polish cant look good, but i can imagine my unsteady hands making a tacky looking mess.

However the idea of colour changing polish stuck in my head so i went for a nebby on the internet and found these FAB polishes on ebay!!

This is absolutely fantastic, and i loves it lots and would even say this is currently my all time fave polish... ever.

Its the Miss Match Mood Sensitive Colour Changing Nail Polish in Purple Passion.
Its a dark purple in the bottle and stays purple when applying to your nails. However, when this polish gets warm... it turns pink! Then as it gets cooler again, its gets darker an goes back to purple! Ive had so much fun dipping my hands in warm & cold water! Ive also noticed when im not playing with water, whoops! and i just leave my nails alone, i get a really lovely gradient look.

Cold - Purple
Warm - Pink
Into cold water to turn it purple again!
Ooooo colour changing nail varnish... love it!

I paid £2.99 + £1 postage... totally worth every penny!! You can get these here in lots of different colours.
I cant wait to wear it to work and see if people notice it getting darker when im holding a cold can of pop on my lunch break! 

Id love to know if you do actually go and try this polish and what you think of it :) Have fun playing!

Toodles x


  1. ooh my gosh. that nail polish looks amazing.

  2. It really is :)
    Its so different and so much fun! Ive had so many people ask about it, i even had a woman behind the counter in my local shop grab my hand as she gave me change because it was changing colour right in front of her eyes as i took my gloves off!

  3. That's so cool xx

  4. I have been debating of different color change nail polishes and saw your blog you have convinced me & I just purchased this one Amazon! I cannot wait to receive it!