Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Avon Goodies


My sister bought me a whole bunch of different smellies from Avon this Christmas, and made me a little basket of treats. Isn't she a sweetheart! 
I really like Avon, iv'e never had anything that i have really disliked, and for the price you pay you really cant complain. I order quite often from our rep, so shes done well picking things ive not had before! Anyway, ive been trying them all out so thought id show you what she bought and let you know what i think.

Avon Senses Shower Gel 
 Reflection Oriental Orchid & Raspberry
I  actually like this shower gel, i wasnt sure i would do because i imagined it to be really sweet and floral (not too keen on floral scents) but its not its really fresh. Great for showering in a morning before work. I could still smell it on my skin a couple of hours later as well. The gel lathers really easily and is quite thick too, which is good as i don't like really runny shower gels that pour themselves straight out of your hand and down the plughole! The only downside is opening the bloomin thing! The flip cap clicks in REALLY well and is a sod to get open with wet hands, so i now open it before i jump in the shower. Because of the cap, i probably wouldn't buy this myself when there's other i like just as much

 Avon Soft Pink bubble bath.
This i wouldn't buy myself. Im not too keen on it for a couple of reasons, the first being i dont have a bath! I usually just go to visit my mums and then steal her bath when i've been naughty and bought all sorts of bath ballistics from Lush.
The second is the smell... its floral and overpowering and smells like the soap you get in the bathrooms in shopping centre's that dry your hands out. Love the colour though, and it slightly tints the water which is cute. Makes lots of bubbles, and they lasted for the whole bath. Ill probably end up seeing if my mum wants this so it gets used, ill have it stashed away for years otherwise. 

 Avon Naturals room & linen spray
Strawberry & Guava
This i love! I have tried a couple of these before, but this has to be my favorite so far! Its really really fruity and lasts for ages. It says to spray into the middle of a room for best results, which i do in the bathrooms, but in the bedroom spray it above my bed about ten minutes before i get in... it settles on my pillow and duvet and smells gorgeous when im snuggling up. Everyone should try this, or at least one of th other if fruity scents are not your thing. I dont have anything negative to say about it. I will 100% be buying this exact one myself when this has gone. 

Avon Skin so Soft - Silky Moisture
Ultra Moisturising Body Lotion & Replenishing Hand Cream
The Replenishing Hand Cream i like, and it came at the perfect time! I have just ran out of the Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail lotion which somebody gave me a couple of months ago. I was using Liz Earle hand repair before that, but at £20 i was on the hunt for a cheaper alternative. I much Prefer the Avon Hand Cream to the Vaseline Lotion. Its thicker and richer but not greasy and it sinks in and absorbs nicely. I dont like heavily scented creams on my hands, and this is perfect its just a soft creamy smell. 
The Ultra Moisturising Body Lotion is nice, it absorbs straight in, it isnt greasy and it does leave your skin feeling really silky. Again, its a really mild creamy smelling lotion... but i actually like a nice fragrance in body lotions and moisturisers so i have pretty smelling skin throughout the day! (im a fusspot i know) I have been using this before i go to sleep though because it sinks right in, so i can get straight into my PJ's and into bed, and wake up feeling silky smoooooth. If your not bothered about how they smell then i highly recomend you try this, its nice on your skin, and nice on your purse!!

Avon Foot Works - Beautiful
Heel Softening Cream & All In One Pedicure
Heel Softening Cream isn't something i have ever bought or used before, i dont have or suffer hard/dry/cracked skin so just had your normal scrubs and creams. But this feels nice massaging into your feet, leaves your skin really smoothed out, is quite thick and heavy and doesn't absorb very quickly, probably good before you go to sleep if you used with bed socks. Cant really say whether it works as i didnt have an issue before i used it, only got young baby feet still, sure the day will come when this becomes an essential.
The All In One Pedicure is fab... Its an exfoliating, moisturising scrub, that smells really fresh. Its a bit tricky when you only have a shower and no bath though ...because its quite runny, its not thick like i expected it to be so when i first used it i ended up with practically half of the tube. Plus you have to rub it in your feet, then rinse with warm water and then dry... in a bath you can be unladylike and hang a leg over the side before you get out, in a shower you cant escape the water long enough to rub it in... so its a bowl & towels in the lounge job, which i know lots of people enjoy, but im not fussed, im a lazy bum and like it when these things can be done in the shower. But id buy again instead of  getting separate moisturisers and exfoliaters, and like having sweet smelling feet!

So thats everything . If product reviews are something you like let me know and i can do more. There will  be at least one a month anyway because ill review and blog my Glossy Box every month.
Toodles x

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