Sunday, 20 January 2013

Glossy Box - January 2013


Firstly id just like to quickly apologise for the lack of posts recently, ive been poorly poorly and just couldn't face a computer screen or have enough of a brain to actually string a sentence together... never mind a whole blog post! But im on the mend, antibiotics are doing what there meant too, and my heads in a much much better place. Then id also like too apologise that this post is a little behind... but better late than never right?

So on with the actual post, January's Glossy Box!
January's theme is Detox... after all the indulging over Christmas and New Year.
I was really chuffed to bits with the little extra night mask as its really cute but a little disappointed that this months box is all samples and no full size products, apart from the lip balm which is a gram out!?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Meet Millie!

If your not a cat person, or if you dont want to see a cute little kitten... then click away now...

If you love cats and have had a kitten... then your just the people i need! haha!!
I have a new kitten, Millie and shes a little beaut! She has got such a funny little character, she doesnt half make me chuckle :)

Trouble is... shes an angel in the day & a nightmare at night!
She just doesnt sleep and has sooo much energy! wherever she is, you can guarantee she will hear you turn over in bed and come pouncing on your feet and nibbles them! i dont know how i still have any toes left! Ive tried playing looaads with her before bedtime to wear her out and ive tried not playing with her so i dont get her excited... neither makes a difference. And you cant shut her away as she cries and scratches, and could go ALL night so you still wouldnt get any sleep. 

Any ideas on making her nocturnal are very very welcome haha!!
And if not, then im going to be a very tired mummy until she grows out of it! Its a good job shes gorgeous :)

Toodles x

Friday, 4 January 2013

Mini H&M Haul


Today i did something silly... i went out of work on my lunch!! i went to grab some food, walked past H&M and got sucked in by the hundreds of sale signs hanging from the ceiling!! Thank goodness i only get an hour lunch break, i would have been in there all day browsing otherwise!! Soo i thought i would just do a quick post and show you what i picked up :)

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Avon Goodies


My sister bought me a whole bunch of different smellies from Avon this Christmas, and made me a little basket of treats. Isn't she a sweetheart! 
I really like Avon, iv'e never had anything that i have really disliked, and for the price you pay you really cant complain. I order quite often from our rep, so shes done well picking things ive not had before! Anyway, ive been trying them all out so thought id show you what she bought and let you know what i think.

2012 Catch Up - Days, Weekends & Holidays


Well, the back end of 2012 was full of lovey days out, weekends away & a fab holiday in the sun. The rest of the year i spent in my little town... more than likely in the rain... working and moving house!

My first proper break wasn't until September... for my birthdaaaaaay! We went to Lincoln on the second, to watch JLS at the Showground. 
It was amazing, even if you're not too fussed about them you cannot deny how brilliant they are live. The whole day was lovely as it was oddly warm for September in the uk! Bit grey to begin with but brightened up in the afternoon. The gig was outdoors, and there was funfairs to play on and we sat on the grass in the sun with hotdogs and a beer before the concert started. 
The support acts were fab, especially Cover Drive, Little Mix & IamTich. And then JLS, well... amazing!! We were soooo close and had an amazing view, and then my friend let slip to a girl in the crowd that it was my birthday and everybody around started singing to me, was so funny but i was purple with embarrassment .. still not got her back for that one haha! 
Then we drove into Skegness and stayed overnight in a lovely hotel, got up the next morning to some freakishly glorious weather, and spent the day getting sun burnt on the beach... whoops!  But was better than being at work! Was a rather amazing birthday treat :)

Soooo Close!
Sun came out!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 Catch Up - Nails


Because my blog is so new, and because ive spent hours changing and arranging today, i just cant seem leave it alone!
So what i thought i would do, is post with my fave bits&bobs from the last year. Gives you a bit more of an idea of the sorts of things im interested in :)

So think ill start with nails, as this is something i have started getting really into last few months and have tried a few different things... some good... some not so good!

In 2012 i had Acrylic nails done, it was a present for somebody's birthday so i couldn't really say no. I wasn't sure about them before i had them, but after i really liked the length and how they looked so that's when i started experimenting with different colours and designs. .

Acrylic. Pink Flowers

Happy New Year

Well this year, there's the usual resolutions and high hopes flying around... Im going to eat healthy, slim down, go wild, do everything ive always wanted, be positive all the time, this year is going to be fantastic, the best ever, a new start...
 But im not doing the same this year. Because we have no control, and no idea of whats around the corner. Every year i build it up, and every year i end up feeling like i have let myself down.