Saturday, 8 June 2013

Oh Hello there Tesco?

Food shopping... i hate food shopping. Id gladly let somebody else do it everytime, and i wouldnt be able to feel the guilt over the absolute relief of not having to go myself.
But this weekend I had to venture into Tesco... and i wasnt looking forward to it at all.

So to escape the rush of trolleys racing up and down, i wandered into the clothing section. And i came away with a new bag and a new pair of shoes, theyre super cute, pretty cheap and not bad quality. Result!

Bag £10! I love this. The plaits and cut out flowers make it ever so pretty, while the studs, buckle and the cross behind the buckle keep it fom being overly girly. Its rather small, and has a pocket and a seperate zip compartment inside. Its big enough to fit in there my purse, phone, keys, make up & perfume in. So it perfect for an evening out, or nipping into town to do some shopping :)

Shoes £12.50. I have been wanting a pair of flat shoes for work that are not black, to wear with white/pale skirts and dresses now we are getting into summer :D
These are round and tidy, no big no bows or frills, so smart enough to wear at work. However i love that the scalloped edging and cut out hearts keep them super cute and girly and perfect for the warmer weather  :)

Toodles x

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