Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Olivia!


Today my little teeny baby niece had her 2nd birthday!!

It has gone waaay to fast, i cant believe how grown up shes getting! It feels like only yesterday my mum rang me from the hospital and i heard her tiny little cry down the phone.
She had a pretty traumatic entry into this world, it was very very scary.
Basically long story short, after nearly two days in labour, and an unimaginable amount of contractions and pain, the midwives finally broke my sisters waters to bring it all on faster... only to find that there was blood. 
They quickly hooked her up to a machine to monitor the baby, and realised that with every contraction she was having (which at this point they were very close together) her babys heart stopped. 

So it was panic stations and my sister was rushed away for an emergency c section...
I was at home looking after Eleanor my baby sister, and felt physically sick waiting for another phone call off my mum.
When the phone rang i very nearly didnt answer it, because i couldnt bear to get any bad news. But i did answer, and my mum said nothing... instead she held the phone to let me hear the baby crying. And i sobbed! i was so relieved and so happy, but also so gutted for my sister that after coping brilliantly with hours of labour she didnt get her natural birth. She didnt come round from the anesthetic straight away so didnt meet her beautiful little girl until she was a couple of hours old. Thankfully Mummy and baby were ok and allowed home a couple of days later.

She was named Olivia Brooke, and she was absolutely perfect :)

In the hospital

 And today that teeny tiny missy turned two!
Happy Birthday squirt :)
So because im insanely proud, here is some random photos we have taken today with Auntie Eleanor x

Me ready to brave to the snow to go and see my girlies

Auntie Melissa && Eleanor pulling faces

Auntie Mel with her Birthday Girl!!

Blowing out the candles :)

Toodles x 

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