Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bourjois Smoky Eye Eyeshadow Trio

I nipped into Boots today... and i was on  mission! I even managed to walk right past the Barry M stand without getting any new nail polish! Result!
Ive been needing, ok ok wanting, a new grey shimmer/glitter eye shadow. I dont tend to use dark grey/black colours, i muc prefer neutrals and browns, but i do like a dark smoky eye on a night out... i have a matte grey rimmel shadow that ive been using but its not just not the same! im a sucker for sparkle! So i was having a nosey about and i spotted this little trio at the Bourjois stand...

Bourjois Smoky Eye Trio - Gris Party - £7.99
This has a shimmery (but not chunks of glitter) white, a glittery grey, and a more matte black. 
I went for this as i LOVE Bourjois nail polish, but ive never actually used there eye shadows before so thought this would give me a chance to try a couple.
This trio has a gorgeous glittery grey and i do like the white shimmer which ill probably use to highlight. Ill probably not use the black as i have a dark charcoal i like use in my crease rather than black.
They are really fine and silky and go on so nicely. At first i wasnt impressed as the colour didnt seem to be very strong, but after running my finger over each colour a couple of times they were fine, its like theres a coating you have get past before you get to the proper colours? Once your sorted, these are very pigmented and the glitter transfers SO well, unlike a lot of glitter shadows where the glitter stays firmly in the pan and you get just the powder!
There is a few other colour trio's id like to try, and I did see an ever so pretty glittery pink single eye shadow, so if i like this i may have to go back and add some others to my collection.
Now im looking forward to my next night out, to see how well this lasts & get some sparkle back in my life!
I dont like a really heavy big smoky eye as i cant pull it off. at all! So i tend to be quite safe with eye makeup. Here i used the white shimmer as a base, right up to the brow, and as a highlight. i Then covered the lid with the glittery grey, smudged a teeny bit of the black into the crease. I also went over my eye liner with the black shadow on my lid and took it slightly underneath too.
I applied two coats of Mascara (Benefit Theyre Real) and filled in my brow, (Sleek Brow Kit - light) and to finish i lined my waterline going heavier on the outer quarter of my eye (Avon Eyeliner Pencil)
Naked eye & brow                                                                         Smoky eye

Do you rate Bourjois eye shadows? Which is your fave?
Toodles x

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