Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Neglected Blog and Broken Bones!

Well hello there!
Remember me?

Its been months and months since i have ventured into the blogosphere, and for that i apologise! Between work, family, health, drama & car crashes, my little blog has been pushed right to back of my mind.

I am pleased to say things have settled, my bones are healing & i am nearly back in one piece. 
I wont go into ALL the in and outs of the last 4/5 months, but i did want to mention something that happened recently. 
Being in a major car accident last month has seriously changed my perspective and the way i think about a lot of things. 
It was one of the most terrifying thing i have ever experienced, not just the crash (which i cant fully remember) but the night in A&E and going onto a ward and thinking about the 'what could have happened'...
Its was also very upsetting for our family and friends, and we are truly grateful for all the support and best wishes we had afterwards.
Luckily, all five of us made it out of the car somehow with only cuts, bruises and a broken wrist... unfortunately for me, it was my wrist! Broken and dislocated, ouch! Its healing really well and the pot is off, the cuts and scrapes are all healed & a scar on my head will be the only visible reminder of how lucky we all were that night... Certainly wont take life for granted, i only have one and i want to enjoy it, live it & love it, with all the people that matter xxx

Oct. 4th - the car

But, i did have a lot of fun decorating my lovely pink cast, every cloud has a silver lining and all that jazz :) 

Ive been getting all sorts of creative idea's and opportunities the last few months, which is soooooo frustrating when your hand is out of use so you cant do anything... not being able to paint your own nails, or put on make up or brush your own hair, without hurting yourself or causing serious wrist ache is not the nicest thing in the world. I have been dabbling with bits n bobs every now and again to keep my wrist exercised and moving and one of those thing is
I am completely and utterly hooked! I will show you a few of the designs i have done in some 'facepaint posts' over the next few days.
Plus im sure as my arm gets back to full strength there will be a return of the usual make up, nail polish, clothes haul posts etc... with the odd face paint design thrown in from time to time :)


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